Topics & Keynote Speakers

Topics included

This symposium will focus on the topics listed below. The conveners welcome any abstract related to these topics and sub-fields:

  • Topic 1: Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets
    • Detection and characterization of Exoplanets from ground- and space-based telescopes 
    • Exoplanet atmospheres: Theories and observations
    • Habitability and astrobiology
  • Topic 2: Solar System Science and Planets Formation
    • The planets of the Solar System – including their moons.
    • Small bodies of Solar System (comets, KBOs, rings, asteroids, meteorites, and dust)
    • Circumplanetary systems and evolution of the Protoplanetary Disk
  • Topic 3: Education and Outreach in Planetary Science
    • Training for formal and informal educators, science content advisors
    • Citizen Science projects (Planet Hunters, Globe at Night and Dark Skies …)
    • Occultations, detection of moving objects, and exoplanets transit by amateurs 

Invited Speakers