Planetary Science and Exoplanets in the Era of James Webb Space Telescope

Cape Town – South Africa, August 13– 15, 2024

After the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was successfully commissioned and transitioned into science operations, we are already witnessing remarkable scientific breakthroughs facilitated by its exceptional infrared sensitivity and advanced observing capabilities.

We are delighted to announce that a symposium titled “Planetary Science, Exoplanets, and the Origin of Life in the Era of the James Webb Space Telescope” will be hosted at the upcoming IAU General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa in 2024. This symposium aims to foster the exchange and discussion of groundbreaking discoveries in the field of planetary science over the next two years. The primary objective of this symposium is to convene theorists and observers with a shared interest in planetary science, including exoplanets observed by JWST as well as other ground- and space-based telescopes. Participants will delve into recent findings from these cutting-edge facilities, furthering our comprehension of both the formation of our Solar System and the characterization of extrasolar planets. The symposium program will encompass invited talks, alongside concise research presentations and poster sessions. Additionally, a dedicated session will focus on education and outreach initiatives in the field of planetary science and astrobiology, acknowledging the importance of public engagement.

We cordially invite researchers and enthusiasts to join us at this stimulating symposium, where we will collectively advance our knowledge and appreciation of planetary science and its implications for the search for life beyond our home planet.

Supporting Divisions

  • Division F: Planetary Systems and Bioastronomy
  • Division C: Education, Outreach and Heritage